Best Approach To Win Low Block Teams

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Playing against low block teams can be really frustrating, and most at times leaves the attacking team feeling so unimpressed with the outcome of the ongoing match because they all know that they’ve put in all efforts but these low block teams has been defiant and proving a hard nut to crack, and that is why we have put up this topic “Best Approach To Win Low Block Teams” to help teams come out victorious against teams like this.

We cannot fail to metion some managers or coach who are master in this setup, Jose Mourinho utilized the tactics while at Chelsea, Inter Millan, Manchester United, and Tottenham, and that brough the term “Parking Bus”. Diego Simeone is another name to reckon with when we talk about ,managers that have had their team thriving on low block.

Sean Dyche used it as Everton manager when he played against Arsenal in his first game as an Everton manager and defeated Arsenal, Gary Monk of Swansea used same tactics against Arsenal and also won Arsenal with 1-0 margin.

What To Expect When Playing Low Block Teams

Furthermore, this can make the attacking team to thrown in the towel and accept defeat since all their tactics and technicality has been futile or rendered useless by these low block teams.

Also, we have to know that when teams are looking for ways Best Approach to Win Low Block Teams, opponents should always be acquainted with the fact that they are playing against a defensively minded or a compact format that comes in various forms such as, 5 – 3 – 2, 4 – 4 – 2, or 4 – 5 – 1, or similar variations. It includes three lines with at least one line having four or five players.

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More importantly, these low block teams can in turn inflict pains on opponents by pitching two offensive minded wingers who are always ready to effectively utilize any form of counter attack that comes knocking at their door, thereby inflicting pains or adding salt to the injury of attacking teams.

Low block teams make life very difficult for opponents, and at times, these low block teams come out victorious with a slim victory of either 1-0 or they settle for a draw since that is their main aim of coming for the match.

If they come out with a win, it a win-win situation for them but that does not mean that they’ll lose their main focus of coming for the match; defend and nullify opponent’s threat.

Low block teams have one major aim; to play draw in any match, and that is why you’ll see them sacrificing scoring or free flowing football for defensive minded setup.

Best Approach to Win Low Block Teams

Without talking much of the time here again, I will like us to proceed below to learn all we really need to win a low block team when playing against them .

1. Quick And Incisive Movement off the Ball

Effective off-the-ball movement is vital for breaking down teams that have a setup. It is very important for attackers to make carefully calculated intelligent runs in order to displace defenders, open up space for other teammates to run into, and receive the ball in dangerous areas.

This movement range from diagonal runs, overlapping runs, or well-timed off-the-shoulder movements. These runs are very vital

The use of positional rotations also play a vital role in receiving passes behind the defensive lines. Fullback and wingers can free exploit the spaces by transitioning from wide positions to central areas through opposing movements; thereby overloading opponent’s box.

2. Numerical and Positional Superiority – Overloading the Centre

Numerical and positional superiority are also one of the best approach to win low block teams because overloading specific areas of the pitch can lead to the disruption of low block’s structure; thereby making your opponent to be confused since they have a particular system that has been enshrined in their mind from start of game.

By committing more players, ranging from attackers, wingers, and also fullbacks to a particular zone can outnumber defenders, thereby creating imbalances that can be fully exploited.

This numerical superiority increases triangles of passing options and forces defenders to make difficult decisions.

3. Defence Line  Breaking with Passing and Dribbling

Effective dribbling and accurate passes when switching play and completing vertical passes are the two most important elements for breaking down a low block.

Players who excel in one-on-one attacking situations are valuable for the attacking team because they can overcome any opponent that comes their way; this in turn, forces another defensive player to engage them or be drawn out of position, thereby creating more open spaces within the defensive block.

Players in midfield or deeper positions should be able to dictate and see passing lanes to make penetrating passes that bypass the compact defensive lines. These passes can either be vertical, diagonal, or through balls that exploit gaps and create goal scoring opportunities.

Players like Ozil, DeBruyne, Odegaard, Fabregas, Silva, and others are great assets use the passing intelligence as their Best Approach To Win Low Block Teams.

4. Off the ball movement – Positional rotation

Last but not the least on best approach to win low block team is “off the ball movement” because it shows us how intelligent movement without the ball can confuse defenders, drag them off their position, and also open up spaces. Fake runs, where an attacker makes a purposeful run to attract the attention of defenders, create gaps for others to exploit.

Positional rotations, where players switch positions fluidly, can also wreck havoc on opponents tactics, thereby creating openings in the low block. This requires excellent communication, awareness, and understanding among teammates.

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Remember, in one of my articles on top-qualities-of-excellent-holding-midfielders, I talked on the importance of off the ball movement, while also maintaining my respect for players that can be useful when they’re off the ball.

Key Element Necessary in Best Approach To Win Low Block Teams

Patience and Maintaining Possession – Patience is a very important key you need to steadfastly hold unto in your best approach to win low block teams. The attacking team should consistently focus on maintaining possession and patiently building their attacks; there should be no rush.

This consistent buildup mounts pressure on opponents, and then  forces the opposition to come out of their defensive shape, thereby creating gaps and spaces to exploit. Quick, incisive passing, combined with intelligent moves, can gradually dismantle the low block and create openings for goal-scoring opportunities.

Have you ever watched Manchester City to see how they patiently and consistently builds? They build in such a way that they also mount pressure on their opponents and consistently knocks until the opposition opens. They don’t tend to back down until they score and score, and score.

Finally, teams can take advantage of the loopholes of a well-organized defense by using tactics like precise passing, clever positioning, and coordination.
The use of positional games, rondos, possession games and SSGs are very important as they help a team to have the collective and individual skills to break a compact low block. Even the most coordinated and difficult low blockades can be overcome with practice, incisiveness, inventiveness, and a concerted team effort.

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